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Shuma Islam: The new ways of TV reporting (video)

Syed Shah Salim Ahmed@gbnews24.com

Modern news and television news channels are part of people’s daily life. Peoples always like new theme, new way of presentation with the concrete and foot print of the reporting that delivering. In Bangladesh, Channel I always focusing peoples news includes Shaykh Shiraj`s “cholo matir kase. “


Now a day’s online and electronic media more advance and more competitive in reporting. Shuma Islam-the Channel I news reporter amongst the one, who always trying to focusing in people’s choice and in terms of news delivering her depth reporting are always commendable. It’s not her praise worthy but this is reality. Today she is doing some report from the rural area where she was delivering her reporting in end with our long history of heritage and rich culture- called in bangla “gurar gari”, which were the only rider in our ancient rural life.

Thanks Shuma Islam and Channel I.

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