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Blair`s Sorry, IS & Turmoil of the Modern World

Syed Shah Salim Ahmed


Former Prime Minister of Britain given an interview in CNN and apologised for Iraq war. He said ‘I apologise for the fact that the intelligence we received was wrong. ‘I also apologise for some of the mistakes in planning and, certainly, our mistake in our understanding of what would happen once you removed the regime. ‘Challenged that the Iraq War was ‘the principal cause’ of the rise of Islamic State, he said: ‘I think there are elements of truth in that. ‘Of course, you can’t say those of us who removed Saddam in 2003 bear no responsibility for the situation in 2015.’ This is exactly he said to the CNN. But de didn’t sorry for removing Saddam Hussein, which he still justified strongly to remove Saddam Hussein. Even he said, I always point out to people I did win an Election after Iraq. But I agree…It’s been a …it’s been a huge political problem. The way he said sorry, British media and democratic peoples are condemning his apology because he did in partially apologised. Sky reporter Ashish Joshi given his interview to the sky centre that he didn’t give a full apology. Lots of British Peoples still critics in Guardian about his apology, they said sorry is not enough, however, some of also accepted his apology and said no need to give apology about his job done while in power.


The question remains unsolved that Mr Blair apologises, among other things, “for the inaccuracy of the intelligence information about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. But the fact is that by the time the war started, the highly regarded UN weapons inspector Hans Blix hadn’t found any such weapons and didn’t believe he was going to”. If you search in google or archive you will find easily that (UN inspector Hans Blix report) published everywhere at that time. But Tony Blair and allies went to the war based on so-called UN resolution as well.

Blair promised to the world especially to the Middle East that he will do a road map for the Palestinian people- a peaceful solution with Israel but he failed or never did any fruitful things for the Palestinian. But he focused to the media and world that his “War on Terrorism” and “Shoulder to Shoulder” concept will solve the Palestinian sovereignty once Middle East countries joined his allies against removing Saddam from power.

Before “Iraq, al-Qaida was not attacking Shia or Kurd. Its targets were the west. Sunni and Shia have always been on opposing sides but there were no conflicts in the Middle East based on this religious division. Now we see Alqaeda gone but ISIL or IS rising”. Entire Muslim world including all Islamic Scholars from around the world condemned IS activities and the way they act Muslim`s say`s Islam never tolerate or never permissible such atrocities. Is entire activities are haram by the Sharia Law of Islam.

Earlier in an interview in Washington, former US secretary Hilary Clinton admits US mastermind to create Osama and al-Qaeda. And here again, while Tony Blair admits there has had some mistaken and wrong intelligence gathering they had before, was wrong and sorry for that. Such mistake and wrong intelligence gathering were creating huge turmoil in the world. It was in hypothesis, and then such theory established but now a clear understanding that such Islamophobia like as in the name of ISIL or IS might be creating masterminded by the western intelligence. It’s not claiming but theory, a theory may be right or wrong and it’s still in pre-conceived or pre-mature but not established. Practically see western world need some opponents to sell their arms, drugs, oil and they need their clients.

The aftermath of Iraq war and Blair`s shoulder to shoulder consequences, Libya was destroyed, then IS rising, and now in Syria and Bashar al Assad. Again consequences of Syria turmoil, the influx of refugees into Europe, from both Syria and Libya, is the continuing consequence of democratic politicians failing to appreciate the inappropriateness of introducing democracy into states with no established record of the peaceful transfer of political authority.

The aftermath of Iraq now Russia intervenes in Syria along with Iran. Future political turmoil will turn the scenario by Putin and the rest of the western world. However, Bashar may l still in power and refugee influx will continue into Europe. Tony Blair, don’t know how he defines these turmoil situations. If his sorry is enough, what about the ISIL and Islamophobia and Migrant Crisis? Who will be responsible for these? Because Saddam, Gaddafi no more, but middle east crisis continues growing, there has no democracy at all.

Another few questions still unanswered because Chilcoat report is knocking at the door. We are afraid, such sorry may strike against Chilcoat report which due to publish next month or beyond. Politics and Politician always have to maintain some ethics and morality beside their political activities, like as freedom has to be a certain limitation which guided by moral values and ethics. Without these, such political activities (plan) dis-order, turmoil, Al-Qaeda, ISIL will be rising continues but a peaceful solution will stay far away from the world. Will the leader`s take lessons from them?




28th October 2015, London.

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