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Basseley`s evil acts, no way tolerate by the humanity

Basseley`s evil acts no way tolerate by the humanity

Syed Shah Salim Ahmed

The film Innocence Of Muslims is most ever controversial and faith hatred film in this century. It’s already started cause and dis-orders throughout the world especially in the Muslims world. American diplomat and some others peoples already died in for this traumatic issues in Libya, which peoples angry are growing continues and varies nations to nations in day by day.

Who is this film maker and his mission:-

This film maker name is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, is in 55 years old, and lives in USA now. The Egyptian born Coptic Christian who was recently jailed for bank fraud in theUSA. According to the London’s daily Metro, Basseley was jailed for 21 months inCaliforniain 2010; it has emerged, for bank fraudulent charged against him. No one has traced his educational back ground so far. Seems to me he is totally a fraudulent unknown film maker. Some sources stated Israel master minded behind this film plot and Basseley was paid for this controversial issue.

An actress who appeared in the film said to the metro and media that she was duped. Her name Cindy Lee Garcia and she said it was originally titled Desert Warriors and contained nothing offensive to Islam and Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wasallam. She added, Basseley and team told her it was based on what it was like 2,000 years ago. But once released this film she and the entire unit was duped by the film maker, it looks Basseley miss-sold to his entire unit as well, like a fraud person always doing.

Rushdie and Iran-Burning issue:-

Israel and western countries intelligence trying to making a fresh attacking ground toIran, which they are trying to established since long time. Iranian authority and their leader Ayatollah Khomeini and Ahmedinajad playing significant positive role about this controversial film, once released, they didn’t make any mistake and tactically and diplomatically ignoring their conspiracy, which they made-up by this plot. SoIsrael and western front line intelligence are now shut-up their attacking diplomacy against Iran for time being only as their plot was totally failed. However Rushdie was trying to perusal this controversial issue by the media-briefing as he arguing why Iran and Muslims world are not taking such steps against Basseley while they are taken commendable action against him (Rushdie). But Iran and Muslims world are now taking positive logistic action against this film and Basseley rather toughest action.

Absolute Freedom of speech against humanity:-

Freedom has to be certain limitations and must protect and vanguard other faiths and religions values respectfulness. Freedom of speech must carry on and I am not opposing of this concept, but it has some limitations. Without these limitations, this type of freedom of speech will create dis-order and so many problems for the humanity and of course whole universe as well. If I punch and hurting anyone without any reason and claimed this is my freedom which I utilizing now, this acts wouldn’t be acceptable by anyone and it has no ethics. So freedom and protection (other word safe guard of freedom) will be walking together rather conflict. I think Social Science, Political Science also taught the same ethics and values, every society, every community agreed about this, except certain type of mad-dog.

Finally, my leader, my prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, never ever hurts to anyone especially non-Muslims. He was always carrying peaceful life and established a peaceful society, where entire society lives together includes Muslims, Non-Muslims, Christians, Buddists, Hindus, etc. He is the true man-kind for whole universe from the Allah (God-the creator). No one especially Muslims will not tolerate any kinds of humiliation or such type of evil acts of our beloved prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam by the anyone forever. Every one should condemn this evil acts, which are totally unacceptable us. Beside this, carry out logistic campaign against this evil acts like signature collection, letter, petitions, email, facsimile to the International community as well as Google and you tube to wipe-out this video,clips,film forever, as this acts hurting me, Muslims community, as well as dis-respect my human rights, dis-respect the freedom of speech.

Hope Google and you tube will act immediately.


20th Sept.2012.UK.

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